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Introduction to bridge screen
Author:Henan institute of hydraulic engineering filter material factory | Release time:2018-06-30 | loading...

The bridge-shaped screen consists of a central pipe, a high-density bridge-shaped sleeve and a stainless steel matching ring, and has the characteristics of precise and controllable pores, large flow area, high overall strength, strong deformation resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and high reliability.  The bridge screen can be used for various types of oil, gas, and water wells for casing completion and open hole completion of vertical wells, inclined wells, horizontal wells, etc. it can be used as a sand prevention pipe string alone or in combination with filling.
 The bridge-shaped screen pipe has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, accurate filtering precision, long service life, uniform oil flow passage, small flow friction resistance, strong anti-blocking ability, high filtering precision of the filter layer and the like, and is applied in sand control technology of oil extraction wells or similar occasions, and is especially suitable for heavy oil thermal recovery applications of horizontal wells and high-angle wells.
 Bridge filter tube is a kind of filter tube with bridge holes.  It has long been used in developed regions.  Engaged in hydrogeological exploration, drilling, sinking construction, reservoir precipitation, foundation deep excavation precipitation, geothermal development and utilization, mineral water development and utilization, geothermal air conditioning, repair of damaged wells, underground water source water intake, etc.  In the eighties, the Ministry of geology and mineral resources began to introduce and promote, and achieved satisfactory results. it is known as an ideal water well filter.  According to the domestic and foreign experience and our unit's tracking service research in recent ten years, it is believed that bridge type water filter has the following advantages compared with other types of water filters: 1. the special structure of bridge type orifice makes gravel not easy to block the hole.  According to experiments, the porosity of gravel packing in traditional water filters should be reduced by 40 %, while that of bridge water filters should be reduced by only 10 %.  Therefore, the bridge type water filter has higher water passing capacity.  Clean and sand-free water source can be obtained after well flushing and sand removal.  2. the special pore structure of the water filter has the effect of enhancing the mechanical strength of the water filter.  Therefore, it has higher mechanical strength.  3. according to the wall thickness quotation required by the user, different anticorrosive coatings can be plated ( coated ) to improve the service life of the well.  4. the bridge tube water filter is made of steel plate punched and rolled, so it is light in weight and inexpensive.  5. a variety of connection methods can be adopted, so the lower pipe is convenient to operate.  6. the gap of the bridge hole can be changed according to the user's requirements so that the user can obtain satisfactory bridge porosity.  7. bridge type water filter with any diameter can be provided according to the user's requirements, which greatly facilitates the user.
 Henan hydrogeological engineering geological survey institute co., ltd. filter material factory, located in Xinxiang city district of Henan province, is a state-owned enterprise of Henan bureau of geology and mineral resources.  The company integrates design, research and development, production and sales, and is a professional manufacturer of filter tube.  Main products include stainless steel filter tube, trapezoidal wire filter tube, bridge filter tube, oil screen pipe, geothermal well filter tube, etc.  The " qingquan" bridge-type filter tube produced won the gold medal of the 8th invention exhibition in Henan province in 1995. the enterprises have successively won the honorary titles of " 51 labor award" of Henan geological labor union, " pioneer worker" of Henan geological system, " excellent diversified enterprises" and " collective economic and technological innovation" of Henan bureau of geology and mineral resources.
 Since our factory was put into operation in 1994, after more than 20 years of development and the use of advanced automatic production equipment, we have developed a variety of series of filter tube products, forming a production scale with an annual output of over 30,000 meters. besides producing various specifications of national standard filter tube, we can also customize filter tube's production according to customer requirements.  Our factory has a sound management system and a sound quality assurance system, and strictly implements iso quality system standards. the filter tube produced is reasonable in design, beautiful in appearance, and reliable in quality. it is suitable for the construction of various trades and industries including hydrogeology, engineering geology, metallurgical geology, coalfield geology, chemical geology, geothermal air conditioning, farmland water improvement, urban water supply, etc. its products are exported to many regions in Asia and Africa.
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